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My name is Olga Mishyna - Product Designer based in Amsterdam. Here you can find some of my projects. I have more than 10 years of experience in building brands, solving UX and UI challenges for companies like ING, KLM, Calvin Klein etc. I believe in simplicity and building a strong connection between businesses and customers.


Most of my latest projects cannot be showcased publicly as it required me to sign non-disclosure agreements as to protect intellectual property from the brands.


If you would like to see those works, please get in touch at mishynaolga@gmail.com


Read more about me at LinkedIn

Current occupation: Senior Visual Designer


May 2016 – Present

Amsterdam, Netherlands

UX/UI design for ING web platform for ING bank

UX/UI design and research for mobile (iOS, Android) and web platforms, prototyping and visual design for Nordea bank.

Visual Design and animation of Trading dashboards for Nike HQ.

Mobile design for Allianz investment app

Web design for UCB Pharma

Please contact me if you would like to see visuals for these projects.

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